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Mezko are Kat Harley and Laura Bailey.

Coming from opposite ends of the country, a serendipitous meeting in 2011 forged an insatiable musical connection. Driven by intuition and rooted in their thirst to devour all musical genres, the MEZKO sound avoids cliches and genre labels with ease. Their melange of motorik beats, harmonic riffs and hypnotic vocals are anchored by taut, melodic bass lines. This explosion of sounds is combined with thoughtful songwriting and technical prowess, resulting in a mesmerising experience. Laura and Kat bonded over their definitive influences - Kraftwerk, Liars, Chromatics, Fuck Buttons and Holy Fuck. They then ventured down the normal band route and gathered musicians but quickly learnt that “what happens when it’s just two together, our heads and instruments, making music together - that’s the true MEZKO.” From the sonically thrilling track and glittery, dark video for “Trust”, which premiered on Oyster, to the pulsating, rave track, “Everyone”; their debut EP, Polychronic, sees the duo delve head first into an exciting and unoccupied music space created by them and for them.