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The indie folk pop duo Mrs. Greenbird from Cologne/Germany started off as wedding singers in 2006, they toured for several years through german bars, restaurants and even laundromats all the way up to the famous Bluebird Café in Nashville, shaped their skills and build a rock solid fanbase. They ended up selling over 200.000 records in Germany alone, their debut went gold in a matter of weeks, they were nominated for 2 Echo Awards (German Grammies) and their 2013 tour was awarded with the LEA Live Entertainmant Award for best club tour. After years on the road and two full length and even chart topping records, produced in Germany and Nashville, the duo needed to reconsider their standpoint: What is really important in music and in life? In the quest for answers, they decided to cut all ties and reposition themselves. Just to focus on good old handmade music and the never ending quest to make the world a little bit better with every chord. Mrs. Greenbird were never gone but they are here like they never were before. More honest, more direct, matured, intimate, more personal and with a lot more room for experiments. Their trademark sound still has a lot of guitars, sometimes driving, sometimes spherical, weeping lap steels, a dreamy vintagepiano, Sarah’s distinctive voice, playful and poetic lyrics and beautifully arranged close harmony vocals. You need to experience it for yourself, the unique sound of Mrs. Greenbird.