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If you have a closer look on the 30-year career of multi-award winner Maria Baptist, you will of course quickly notice the superlatives the pianist and composer is celebrated with: “role model of a new jazz generation” (ZDF), “key figure of modern jazz” (All About Jazz) or simply the “German Jazz Queen” (Abendblatt). Clearly – she is one of the most popular female figures in jazz in Europe today. Maria Baptist presents her music in a wide artistic range – her creative work oscillates from one extreme of improvising an entire concert alone at the piano to the other: leading her jazz orchestra with her original music and playing at the same time. And then in addition everything else takes place in the field in between: her duo, trio and quartet. Having an extremely productive output, Maria Baptist has released 14 albums to date, whereby her last two works, Here & Now 2 (2019) and Resonance (2018), have given her both, international exposure and access to highly-visible concerts like Jazz Baltica (DE), Nancy Jazz Pulsations (FR), Hong Kong Jazz Festival. The one thing that unites her diverse artistic work is her unique voice – “highly emotional, evocative and vivid as life” (All About Jazz) – it can be heard in every one of Maria Baptist’s projects. And there is also a thematic connection to her work: her relationship to meditation can be found in many of her latest compositions.