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Minør’s Støry 
LondonBridge once described Minør’s sound as a blend of Zhu and Phlegmatic Dogs. 
 Combining the rough edginess of dark bass house and the melancholy nature of melodic electronic music, Minør is truly in a lane all her own. 
 This is the basis of Freak House. 
 From the time Minør was young her parents exposed her to soulful influences like Stevie Wonder, Janis Joplin, a plethora of Motown artists and so much more. This formed the base of Minør’s palette for deep, soulful music. 
 Indeed, there is no soul without immense pain. 
 Minør found solace in the edginess of rock and alternative music while coming of age. She started her journey with Linkin Park and Blink 182 and eventually found her way to grunge, Seattle’s most noteworthy sound. 
 Although she has written music since she was 8, Minør found her true calling in electronic music in 2013. She then journeyed a long and winding road of learning music production, sound design, and mastering. 
 With mentors like Levitate and Bloodtone, Minør eventually found her way and is now turning heads from artists like Tommie Sunshine, Slatin, Dr. Fresch, Bijou, CID, and more. 
 The future is indeed bright for Minør and the rest of the Seattle-based Sub 49 crew. 
 Minør feels the pain of the world course through her veins and in turn seeks to nurture the tortured with her sound. Minør is a freak - and wants no freak to ever feel alone. 
 This is Minør. This is Freak House.