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Born & raised among long white clouds in the windy city of Wellington, Singer Songwriter Dave Blennerhassett now calls Sydney home. His earliest musical memories intermingle his parents singing Gilbert & Sullivan with friends, his brother discovering guitar, and his eldest sister playing a Beatles single of “All my loving”, until the grooves wore off. This unique musical foundation underpins an innate harmonic intelligence, and multi instrumental skills. Fifty Two Mondays delivers a potent package of pathos and humour, moving easily through catchy melodic hooks, bedded down by carefully crafted rhythms. His lyrics explore the changing countryside of life, love & being. Dave’s innate harmonic intelligence, and multi instrumental skills bring a richness and complexity to his songs that mark this album as truly special. Recorded over 52 Mondays with friend and producer Mic Hardwick, the collection will draw you in - poignant, evocative and musically rich. “… a wonderfully emotive voice and beautiful songs…” Keith Armitage, Songwriters Live