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Moss covered stepping stones, heathered fields and the Harvest Moon are all evoked when River Run steps on stage. Their sound, rooted in melancholic storytelling, freely wanders between folk, Americana, and even Celtic traditions. River Run writes songs that reveal love, loss, and time as naked truths, and relies on earthy vocals and intuitive strings to invite the audience to muse on these themes with them. “A family band in the best sense of the word” — New Haven Independent, River Run is Sam (vocals), Kat (fiddle, vocals) and Bill (guitar) Wallace. The trio grew up crafting haunting versions of old school rock and folk songs in the living room, and began writing songs together as an extension of conversations they were having at the dinner table. River Run’s chemistry starts at the cellular level, and while Sam, Kat, and Bill bring their own perspectives and experiences to the table, each song is a give and take that creates a truly unique and organic sound. Sisters Sam and Kat’s voices, one dark and one ringing, sing in soaring harmonies that were first practiced on long walks in the woods as kids growing up in picturesque New England. Bill’s driving guitar, reminiscent of the great folk rock players, provides a strong foundation for Kat’s expressive fiddle to shine. River Run’s sound is a changeling: sometimes a heartfelt keening, sometimes upbeat and carefree.