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LENA MATIENKO is a contemporary Australian classical and film score composer, songwriter, producer and vocalist. Born behind the Iron Curtain and classically trained, Lena began composing at the age of six and her childhood was spent acquiring countless trophies for performance and composition. Unfortunately, her dreams of a career in music were tempered by the onerous realities of life for a musician in rural Russia at the dawn of the new millennium. Instead she qualified as a Physicist Engineer, majoring in Physics of Metals, and pursued a “sensible” career. Having now made a permanent move to Australia, so-called sensible has given way to the pursuit of creative goals and this multi-talented artist is jubilant to be exploring and sharing her vision and gifts. Long inspired by the works of iconic film composers Thomas Newman, John Williams, Danny Elfman and Carter Burwell, Lena is fast becoming recognised for her masterful use of digital instruments to create emotionally charged compositions, an artful blend of sweeping cinematic and dreamy neo-classical styles, as well as her skilful and nuanced self-production. Lena’s single Mosaic was released in May of 2019 and the album of the same name came out in February 2020. She has recently completed the score for Australian documentary Angels of the Battlefield directed by Nick Bleszynski, currently in post-production.