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Gizela Kova is a Puerto Rican Drag Queen who’s influences are Artists like Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, Britney Spears and Madonna. Gizela is a performer, dancer, comedian and more. Over the years Gizela Kova has dedicated much time to performing, mainly in Prague. In 2020 Gizela Kova performed in various venues and clubs in Los Angeles, Miami, Berlin, Madrid as well as San Francisco. Gizela currently has a weekly show at the night club Friends, located in Prague. Due to Covid closures the club is not open as of now, but it is expected that shows will resume as early as June 2021. 
 Gizela's first single Whatever Bitch was released in February 2021 and reached 6K streams on Spotify in its first 4 weeks. Gizela recently released another parody titled "Mask Up" feat. Cassiopeia. The song focuses on mask wearing, social distancing, gettin vaccinated and supporting your local restaurants through food delivery services. Other singles include Take a Trip to the Sahara, Ironic and Bitch the Remixes; an album which includes remixes to the first three releases. 
 From covering songs from her favorite Artists to releasing original music, Gizela Kova is set to entertain not only the LGBT+ community but everyone in between. More information about Gizela Kova can be found on the web at