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"Fela Kuti meets Radiohead" 
 Fall Classic began laying the foundations for EQUALS in the summer of 2017, but soon ran into a brick wall. In October, Smith’s mother died suddenly from complications related to smoking. In the surrounding months of her death, the other members of the trio would separately experience a major health scare and a miscarriage. 
 Derailed by grief upon grief, productivity ceased. But after months of devastation, resolution set in. Smith quit his own smoking habit cold, and this propelled the group to change everything. Fall Classic traded in cigarettes and beer for water and yoga, redefining their image and rediscovering themselves in the process. Smith would go on to lose 150 pounds. 
 Focus returned to completing EQUALS, filled with appreciation for the transience of life. On this new record, Fall Classic addresses the dichotomous sides of social issues of the day, including systemic racism, the importance of self-care, and the Flint water crisis. In the face of constant conflict and identity politics, we are often compelled to choose a side or be washed away in a sea of noise. Knowing what they’ve gone through to get to this point, Fall Classic welcomes the storm and invites you to weather it together.