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Mute State aka Tao Højgaard born 1974 in Denmark. Tao became involved with the Danish jazz scene, where he studied and played with Scandinavia´s foremost jazz musicians. Tao quickly made a name for himself and became especially renowned for his lyrical jazz improvisations and complex harmonics. Today Tao works under the alias Mute State under which he explores the boundaries of jazz, electronic music, and sound art. The Philosophy – "My aim is to create nonlinear music, or movement without movement if you will. Imagine you are looking at the surface of a pond, firstly you might look at your own reflection after a while you notice the reflections of the clouds you dwell at their shapes and movement behind you – now you shift your focus to the surface itself with all it´s rippling activity a leaf might come sailing by, eventually your gaze will penetrate the surface, now you might be looking at the bottom, noticing the sandy texture, the movement of plants etc, non of these elements ever seizes but are constantly in effect and in constant relation to each other – were you there experiencing this microcosmos with someone, his or hers experience would be different from yours, not in terms of taste and preference because those will be irrelevant, but in the order and nature of what caught your attention and what you brought into this environment yourself. I have wet dreams about achieving this in my music, and that is what the Mute State project is about." Mute State