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Alternative musician from Mexicali, Mexico. Established in 2019 with his first release in form of a demo-EP called "the slippery surface" under the former alias Candleburn (now mybodyisatemple) on bandcamp consisting of electronic/neo-classical instrumental songs. Then as Alan Axl he embarked on a double EP called "Candleburn" as a sense of legacy to the name going from genres like indie and pop rock to straight out post-hardcore. After that, in mid 2020 he released a single called "Hope//Friends" which is formed by two dream pop infused songs. He followed that suit by then releasing an EP called "Shortlived" made up of relatively short songs driven by indie and chill electronic vibes. On Hallow's Eve he released an EP called "Rorschach" showcasing horror-themed songs with hip-hop and punk influences.