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Ten years after a meeting in a Rio de Janeiro hostel, El Misti finally release their debut album. 
 Singer-songwriter, Paddy Bleakley, and guitarist, Kieran Gilchrist, bonded over a mutual love of folk, Americana, West Coast psychedelia and Latin culture, as well as a mutual disregard for personal safety. 
 The pair went separate ways: Kieran embarking on a musical pilgrimage to Latin America, and Paddy starting a bar and music venue called Kash 22 in Frodsham, Cheshire. 
 Eventually reuniting, they built a studio above the bar and steadily created a body of work they believed in. 
 The bar acted as a creative nexus, bringing the rest of the collective together. Mike Gregson, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter was originally pulling the pints. Rory Ballantyne, notable for production work with Liverpool bands ‘Paul Dunbar and The Black Winter Band’ and ‘The Grande’, came highly recommended. 
 Early 2019 saw them hone their craft in their Kash 22 studio, before checking into Liverpool’s Ark Studios. 
 Supported by legendary local musicians, KD Taggart on mandolin and percussion, Lee Shone on keys, Adrian Gautrey on organ, and classical violinist Daniel Axworthy, the band finally finished an album drawing influences from the sum of its parts. 
 From Nashville to Santiago de Cuba, Memphis to Manchester, Liverpool to Laurel Canyon, and Belfast to Woodstock, the needles of musical diversity and political discourse glide elegantly over their debut album.