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Some bands are formed from a preordained sense of purpose or a self-aggrandising dream. Others are more serendipitous. Geowulf fall into the latter category. Their divine conception is a result of childhood friends Toma and Star coming together after years of friendship to work on music together. The band isn’t simply a product of happenstance, however. They were signed shortly after playing their first show, giving some weight to the idea of destiny being involved too. The two grew up in a small coastal town near Brisbane in Australia but were separated for a few years before writing together. Toma has lived in London for the last five years. Meanwhile Star inducted herself into a nomadic life: she moved to Sweden, then back to Australia, then back to Sweden again with a few trips to Berlin in between before settling in London. It’s around this time she started writing, using music as a way to give foundation to or explore the emotion of a roaming lifestyle. One of the first songs they wrote together is Saltwater, a shimmering dream-pop-like track. Drawing from the likes of Beach House, Mazzy Star and Fleetwood Mac, it’s a supreme slice of songwriting and one rooted in the ocean-like, washy sounds of the band. Because that’s the thing about Geowulf; as much as their conception is organic, their atmosphere is rooted in something natural too. Geo means earth, which Star combined with the namesake of the Swedish warrior Beowulf to create the group’s name.