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Amberian Dawn is a Finnish symphonic-power metal band founded by multi-instrumentalist/songwriter Tuomas Seppälä and bass player Tommi Kuri. The female-fronted unit delivers an evocative, yet forceful blend of carefully arranged neo-classical power metal. Since delivering their charting debut long-player River of Tuoni in 2008, the band's layered harmonies, cinematic charts, and trademark guitar and keyboard interplay and sweeping vocals have won them a large fan base across Europe. 2010's End of Eden, a darker, faster, moodier offering won them critical accolades from the metal press and charted at home. Both critical and popular reception went beyond any Amberian Dawn received to date for Magic Forest, released in 2014. Additionally to Magical Forest, also 2015's Innuendo and 2017's Darkness of Eternity showcased the band's second vocalist, former pop star Päivi "Capri" Virkkunen's as the perfect singing, lyric-writing foil for Seppälä's increasingly complex compositions. 2020 saw the release of Looking For You.