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The Society of Bandits is a power trio from Houston Texas, enslaved to the soul of rock and roll and eternally bound to the groove, they play a unique brand of southern rock and they play it loud. 
 With influences ranging from rock archetypes Black Sabbath , Led Zeppelin and ZZ Top to more recent purveyors of sonic thunder Clutch, Queens of the Stone Age and Fu Manchu, this Houston three piece is classically stalwart. 
 The outfit is comprised of Jason Eckblad (Vocals & Bass), Brandon Becker (Guitar) and Matthew Smith (Drums). Eckblad and Becker are seasoned veterans of the Houston music scene (CLIP, Crazy Killed Mingus, etc) and Smith cut his teeth in in the east coast hardcore and metal scene before finding his home in Houston and The Bandits. 
 The SOB's are here to remind you that rock and roll is meant to be loud, abrasive and unapologetic. 
 Come join the Society.