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Polygrim is the vibrant and emotive electronic project of Ukrainian musician Volodymyr Dzitsiuk. By mixing synthesized and live elements, Polygrim shares inspiring stories packed in fragile melodies, fractured rhythms and saturated atmospheres. All the parts are combined into worrying and touchy electronica music, walking the edges of downtempo, idm and future hip-hop. The main emphasis is made on the three things: the sound design, slightly melancholic yet optimistic melodies and unusual arranging of the songs. Polygrim was founded in the late 2014. Since then, he had released three EPs, a couple of remixes and exclusive tracks for the compilations, and now is working on the first full-length album.Together with his brother, they run a small indie game studio Dustyroom, which releases not only games but also soundtracks and, since 2018's 'Expect Subtle Miracles When Using a Time Bending Machine' EP — studio EPs and albums.