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Surf Philosophies are first and foremost a moving picture. Taking a cue from the original Neural Surfer Tom Blake, questions are asked and answers are given. You can’t create an identity after the fact. A band has to be the band before the music, they have to walk the walk and talk the talk. The audience will know otherwise. The audience needs a group who are as consumed by the myth as they themsleves will be. Groups are the important part of western rock and roll mythology. The music is just a cool soundtrack. This; no rules, don’t care, no sympathy attitude, is a part of the surf philosophy. Surf Philosophy's debut album is designed to be listened to with headphones as you fall asleep after a heavy day and night. It merges together and takes you away from where you start. Certain melodies or physical feelings in the body come from the way they move when they sing or play. Lying down in bed and listening on headphones is almost a meditation, the experience of moving the mind. In the water, when surfing on the wave, everything can roll along nice and slowly. But all of a sudden a freak wave or a storm or a thrashing can force one to change everything, and then with just as little warning one can be back to normal or washed up on shore. Nature is slightly disinterested. And this strangely beautiful yet apathetic force is what we try to imbibe the music with. Songs come and go and start and stop and change and make sense and make no sense.