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Animal House are a greasy meal. There’s nothing special about that large serving of cheesy chips at 4am. You know there isn’t. But somehow upon shovelling that first garlic-mayo drenched spoonful into your mouth you smile to yourself, knowing that you’re enjoying something that is very very good at being very, very average. They call it being ‘Premium Mediocre’. Their songs are just that. They play guitars and it’s not complicated. Think Twin Peaks, Pip Blom, HINDS, Sports Team. You’re not going to find them sprouting drivel that their music is some world-changing, emotional journey into their own self-esteem. If pants came in extra regular, that’s what they’d be wearing. The three Australians and two Brits met in Brighton and recently peeled themselves away from the studio for a successful tour with an actual band, Indoor Pets. Having also previously supported Courtney Barnett, The Wedding Present, The Preatures, Surfer Blood and Drenge, and are nearing the finish line on their current project ‘Premium Mediocre’, which they’ll be touring in early 2020.