Laas Unltd.

German rapper Laas Unltd. was born Lars Hammerstein on December 25, 1982, in Hamburg. He started to rap at the age of 15, first using the pseudonym Laas MC, then switching to Laas Minute before settling on Laas Unltd.

After a few recordings with a short-lived rap crew called Stammtisch, Laas became a member of the Hamburg-based production team Absturz City, who produced his first album, 2006's Meisterwerk -- a collaboration album with Rano, another former Stammtisch member. In 2007, shortly after the release of a free download mixtape titled The Prequel, Laas' proper debut album, Laas Unltd. Begins!, was issued, followed by 2.0 Action Rap in 2009, Backpack Inferno in 2010, and Blackbook in 2011 -- the latter of which entered the German charts at number 37. ~ Christian Genzel, Rovi